CEO Message


SI FLOWTECH is trying to do its best to be a world-class company prioritizing customer satisfaction, based on not only creative thinking and innovative technologies, but also the passion and challenging spirit of the entire SI FLOWTECH team.

SI has been founded in 1978 and we are focusing on the development of metal material and precise machining for 40 years.

We have developed diverse material parts not only Iron material, but also Aluminum material.
We have been using the casting and forging metal technology, according to the material characteristics.
We have established the Aluminum gravity casting factory particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2014 and we have been building up the networks in the Vietnamese material industry.

Our technology and products have been applied in Automobile Engine, transmission and many industrial special parts which are very essential for human life.
We have been satisfying our clients and contributed to the development of human culture.
We established SI Flowtech Co., Ltd. in 2018 and have developed Plug Valves, Repair Kits and many other parts of flow lines.
Through the harmonization of Korean Head Office and Vietnam’s enthusiasm, we will respond to various customer requests with the best price and quality.
We will lead the creative innovation for the improvement of human’s safety and convenience in response to the 4th Industrial Revolution of the 21st century.

Thank you!